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Review: Vintners Inn, Santa Rosa, joyful heart travel
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Review: Vintners Inn, Santa Rosa

Hotel Review: Vintners Inn, Santa Rosa, California ♥♥♥♥♥ I did a lot of research before choosing to stay at Vintners Inn in Santa Rosa, California. We were taking a weekend wine trip in northern California, and there are many, many places to stay. Vintners Inn is located in Sonoma County, […]

San Francisco Joyful Heart Travel
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San Francisco

San Francisco My husband had to attend a conference in San Francisco, and luckily I was able to tag along. To make it even better, we added a couple of extra days to the front of the trip so we could visit the northern California wine country. (Click here to see that […]

Joyful Heart Travel Northern California Wine Country
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Northern California Wine Country

For better or worse, we arrived in California at the same time as El Niño. Our plan included a 4-hour flight followed by a relaxing lunch in a nice restaurant and a 1 1/2 hour drive to the northern California wine country. But it was one of those travel days where nothing went as planned. […]

Airport Review Joyful Heart Travel
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Airport Reviews

Airport Reviews Here’s a short list of U.S. Airports that stand out in my mind for good or bad. Obviously, this is my opinion based on my own personal experiences. If you have anything to add, please join the party and leave your own airport review in the comment section. […]

Joyful Heart Travel Miami Florida
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Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida (aka Party City!) For me, Miami is the perfect getaway. It gives me the feel of being somewhere exotic without the hassles of a long flight. The warm weather, palm trees, Latin music, fresh seafood, expansive beach, and happy people put me in a party mood as soon as […]

bringing your own food onboard
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Bringing Your Own Food OnBoard

It’s not always easy to stick to a healthy diet while traveling, and one of the worst places to blow it is at the airport. So much airport food is heavy, tasteless, expensive, and loaded with fat and calories, so I suggest bringing your own food onboard. Besides, starting your flight with […]