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Airport Reviews Here’s a short list of U.S. Airports that stand out in my mind for good or bad. Obviously, this is my opinion based on my own personal experiences. If you have anything to add, please join the party and leave your own airport review in the comment section. […]

Joyful Heart Travel review JW Marriott Marquis Miami
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Review: JW Marriott Marquis, Miami

Hotel Review: JW Marriott Marquis, Miami ♥♥♥♥ We stayed at the JW Marriott Marquis in Miami because my husband attended a conference here, so his company paid for the room. Whenever my husband has a conference in a good location, I invite myself along, and there was no way I was […]

BLT Steak, Miami
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Review: BLT Steak, Miami

Restaurant Review: BLT Steak, Miami ♥♥♥♥♥ Note: Since this review, BLT Steak is moving to a new location. In the meantime, BLT Prime in Miami has a similar menu. Info is at the bottom of this review. We had a perfect meal at BLT Steak, Miami, located in the Betsy Hotel in […]