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Travel Clothes for Men and Women

Another goodie from Joyful Heart Yoga, now finding a permanent home here: I’m determined to pack super-light for the upcoming Joyful Heart Yoga trip to Spain. While researching travel clothes, I came across the fact that merino wool is a great fabric for travel. Who knew? I normally avoid wool, thinking […]

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Packing Light for Multiple Activities

Here’s another post from 2014. Enjoy! As I mentioned in my post about finding women’s travel pants, I’ve had a hard time packing light for my favorite style of travel — the multi-activity trip. I like doing lots of outdoor activities, where I’ll likely need hiking boots and a ton of sunscreen, […]

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Travel Tips for Japan

Here are a few helpful travel tips for Japan: Pack light. This is the most important tip. Although the Narita Express train from the airport has space to accommodate larger suitcases, the Shinkansen (bullet train) and subways absolutely do not accommodate more than a carry-on bag. The trains seemed to […]

How to Avoid Jet Lag joyful heart travel
Travel Tips

How to Avoid Jet Lag

On my first transatlantic flight, I made a big rookie mistake: I purposely drank as little water as possible so I wouldn’t have to use the airplane bathroom too many times. When we landed in Rome, I felt like I was severely hungover, even though I didn’t drink any alcohol. The […]

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Travel Tips

How to Avoid Getting Sick on a Plane

As I type this story, I’m well into my second week of bronchitis, which I’m sure I contracted in an airplane. I used to go to a lot of trouble to avoid getting sick on a plane. I’d bring Airborne on board and take it throughout the flight, as well as the […]