I’m cleaning house at Joyful Heart Yoga, and I decided that this post from 2014 belongs over here instead. In re-watching, I still like most of the products that I talked about, except I gave up on the powdered Vitamin C, and I prefer the organic cocoa butter instead of the kind in the little yellow tube. Most of these items are in the process of being transferred from the yoga shop page to this one, but it may take a few more days.

So far all of my efforts to pack light are foiled by toiletries. I need a lot of lotions for my dry, sensitive skin (not to mention gallons of sunscreen), and there’s no way to fit them into a quart-size baggie. But that’s all changed — I found lots of non-liquid toiletries to replace those liquids, and I plan to pack carry-on only. Not only am I saving space in my suitcase, I’m saving space in my bathroom as I’ve replaced lots of jars and bottles with fewer items that have less packaging. And the best part? Many of these items are natural and free of the harmful chemicals and strong detergents that were in my liquid products.

I put it all on video for you, and the list of everything that I tested is under the video. Some are available on my shop page, and otherwise I’ll direct you to an appropriate page where you can find these items. If you have any favorites to add to this list, please let me know in the comment section below this post.


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