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Pasadena, California While house-sitting in Highland Park, I decided that I really needed to buy some clothes. Since I wasn’t in the mood to deal with traffic or crowds, I headed to Pasadena. I was there for dinner a couple of years ago and always meant to go back and learn more […]

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Los Angeles

I love Los Angeles! The weather, the food, the scene, the vegetation, the wildlife, the different neighborhoods … I love it all. On a recent visit, this was my usual morning experience: Eat breakfast, then walk my son’s dogs to a hipster coffee shop for a delicious cup of joe. (Oh, that’s another […]

Review: BCN Taste & Tradition, Houstonjoyful heart travel
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Review: BCN Taste & Tradition, Houston

Review: BCN Taste & Tradition, Houston ♥♥♥ BCN Taste & Tradition is a popular Spanish restaurant in Houston that recently had a 3-week waiting period for a Saturday-night reservation. I love Spanish food, and was really excited to try BCN Taste & Tradition, so we returned to Houston and again met with […]