Restaurant Review: BLT Steak, Miami

Note: Since this review, BLT Steak is moving to a new location. In the meantime, BLT Prime in Miami has a similar menu. Info is at the bottom of this review.

We had a perfect meal at BLT Steak, Miami, located in the Betsy Hotel in South Beach, so I’m giving it five hearts — my highest rating. My husband and I arrived in Miami on a Saturday around noon, and the first thing we did was call BLT for a reservation. By then we couldn’t get in until 10:15. I don’t usually like to eat a full meal that late, but friends told us that it was worth the wait, so we took it. We got down to South Beach early, and walked the gauntlet — every restaurant had music pumping, giant mojitos flowing, and pretty good-looking seafood on the tables. Next thing we knew we were drinking mango mojitos and dancing to live flamenco in the street. Fun, fun, fun! But alas, it was nearing 10:15, so we strolled down to The BLT to see what was in store for us.

The first thing we noticed was that it was much more quiet and calm there. If you need a break from all the loud music and the non-stop parade of people, this is a great place to catch your breath. The noise seems to stop about about a block or two before you get to The BLT — at least at 10:15. We walked inside to find a friendly hostess and a very spacious, reasonably quiet, and attractive dining room still filled with diners. We chose to eat outside since the weather was perfect, even in November. We ordered two cocktails (regular size here, $16 each, and pretty good), and they brought us a basket of 2 of their famous popovers. These popovers are gigantic. We both decided to take a few bites and put them aside to make sure we could eat the rest of our meal, but they were so good we couldn’t leave them alone, and we ended up scarfing down every last bit of it. So in summary, the popovers are really, really, really good.

Joyful Heart Travel Review, BLT Steak, MiamiNext came our entrees — I had the lobster cobb salad, which was absolutely fantastic (see photo). It was a delicious salad, perfectly dressed, with lobster meat on top for $29. My husband had the lamb chops for $47, and he loved them. We also shared some sides of perfectly grilled asparagus ($12), and heavenly hen of the woods mushrooms ($13). Unfortunately, we were full of popovers and neither one of us could finish our dishes — not even my husband, who has rarely been known to leave food on his plate. Since we weren’t going right back to our hotel, we couldn’t take a doggie bag with us. The final bill was high, but the service was good, the drinks were good, and every morsel that we put into our mouths was fantastic, so we felt it was worth the splurge. We left feeling very satisfied, and headed back into the giant party on Ocean Drive to dance off the calories.


BLT Prime
4400 NW 87TH STREET (Trump National Doral)
Miami Beach, FL
305.591.6606 – reservation recommended

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