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Tapas in Madrid

One of my favorite Spanish customs is eating tapas. There are several legends about how tapas originated, but today it involves going to a bar, ordering a few tasty bites with a drink and enjoying them with your friends, then perhaps moving on to another bar, and maybe another. You can do this […]

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Madrid is my favorite city, and I’ve been there numerous times. It’s old, large, lively, and urban, yet it’s pretty and has a small-town feel. I love the festive atmosphere, the food, and the walkability. People are always out and about, no matter what hour. They really enjoy food, drink, and conversation, and […]

Willi's Wine Bar, Santa Rosa Joyful Heart Travel
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Willi’s Wine Bar, Santa Rosa

Willi’s Wine Bar, Santa Rosa, California ♥♥♥♥♥ I heard good things about Willi’s Wine Bar in Santa Rosa and planned to make it a lunch stop, but a host at one of our wine tastings said that Willi’s was special and we should go there for dinner. That meant that we didn’t […]

Review: John Ash & Co., Santa Rosa, Joyful Heart Travel
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Review: John Ash & Co., Santa Rosa

Review: John Ash & Co., Santa Rosa ♥♥♥♥♥ John Ash & Co. is located next to Vintners Inn in Santa Rosa, California. It is a highly rated restaurant known for it’s gourmet wine-country menu consisting of seasonal, local foods designed to pair with the local wines. Executive Chef Thomas Schmidt maintains the high quality […]

Review: Vintners Inn, Santa Rosa, joyful heart travel
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Review: Vintners Inn, Santa Rosa

Hotel Review: Vintners Inn, Santa Rosa, California ♥♥♥♥♥ I did a lot of research before choosing to stay at Vintners Inn in Santa Rosa, California. We were taking a weekend wine trip in northern California, and there are many, many places to stay. Vintners Inn is located in Sonoma County, […]

Joyful Heart Travel Northern California Wine Country
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Northern California Wine Country

For better or worse, we arrived in California at the same time as El Niño. Our plan included a 4-hour flight followed by a relaxing lunch in a nice restaurant and a 1 1/2 hour drive to the northern California wine country. But it was one of those travel days where nothing went as planned. […]