Welcome to Joyful Heart Travel! I’m Sandy Pradas, and I’ve been told that I have the gift of creating a good time. This travel blog is full of information for people who like to travel like I do: We like to immerse ourselves in the places we are visiting, yet we also enjoy our creature comforts. We have open, curious minds and love to meet local people and want to learn about the history and culture of our destination. We want to eat the local cuisine and maybe even learn how to cook it. We enjoy experiences that indulge all of our senses, such as being in nature and tasting new foods or wines. We are active, but not necessarily looking for death-defying feats. We like to stay in comfortable, charming places. We enjoy spending time in nature, but at night we want a hot shower, delicious meal, and a comfy bed. For us, traveling satisfies our whole being — body, mind, and spirit.

If this sounds like you, take a look around. The Joyful Heart Travel blog contains lots of information on my favorite destinations — where to go, what to do, where to eat — you’ll find reviews, travel tips, and great travel products. Keep coming back — I’m always adding something new.

This blog was born out of my 12 years of experience in organizing unique group vacations around the world. These vacations usually included immersion in our destination, contact with local people, activities such as yoga, hiking, snorkeling, cooking classes, wine tastings, etc. We had a great mix of people and always had a wonderful time with lots of laughter. You can see photos on my sister blog, JoyfulHeartYoga.com. Between these group trips and my own travels, I’ve amassed a lot of experience and want to share with others who have the spirit of a joyful traveler.

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